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WooCommerce Flash Sales Pro - Countdown Timer & Banners Nulled


WooCommerce Flash Sales Pro - Countdown Timer & Banners            Nulled

WooCommerce flash sales pro plugin helps you to create flash sales and increase revenues. You can add multiple flash sales with a start and end date. Display a countdown timer with offers to create purchase urgency. Upload banners to beautify the discount deals for specific events or seasons. You can add selected products or categories to flash sales. Set up the discount mechanism to be either a fixed or a percentage amount. Select user groups to restrict the discounts to a specific user community of your online store.

  • Create Flash Sales to Boost Store Revenues
  • Manage Multiple Flash Sales for different offers
  • Add Products and Categories to Flash Sales
  • Offer Fixed or Percentage Discount
  • Display Flash Sales Countdown and Banner
  • Allow Discounts to Specific User Roles
  • Display Banner on various Pages and Positions

Add Flash Sales to Attract Customers and Boost Revenue

WooCommerce Flash Sales plugin allows you to create appealing discount offers for a limited time period to make the users place their orders as soon as possible.

You can set a starting and ending date for the sales and create urgency with a countdown timer. The plugin better suits the needs of opening seasonal sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year, etc.

Manage Multiple Flash Sales for Different Offers

You can create multiple flash sales to run a series of discount campaigns for different products, categories, and user groups. Exercise your admin controls in the plugin to extend an offer or remove it before its expiry date.

Assign Products and Categories to Flash Sales

You can add products for the flash sales and discount offers by selecting the products one by one or choosing an entire category. The flash sales will apply to all the products you add.

Offer Fixed or Percentage Discounts on Flash Sales

Select the discount to be a fixed amount or percentage of the product price. You can enter a fixed amount or set a percentage amount to let the plugin calculate discounts for each purchase.

Display Flash Sales Countdown Timer

WooCommerce Flash Sales plugin helps you to create urgency in your discount offers with a countdown timer that compels the users to quickly checkout for their desired products. You can select from the 3 amazing designs of timers to make the sales offer more appealing and affirming. Select among the following designs;

  • Fancy circle countdown timer
  • Obtrusive countdown timer
  • Simple countdown timer

Upload Captivating Flash Sales Banners

With the image upload feature, you can display brilliantly display the flash sales with promotional banners in the background. Design creative and captivating banners to create a visual context and urgency for the discount deals on your online store.

Restrict Discounts to Specific User Roles

You can restrict flash sales offers to a specific user community of your eCommerce website. Select different user roles and let me avail the discount deals and offers. The users may include admin, editor, author, contributor, subscriber, customer, shop manager, GDPR reporter, etc.

Display Flash Sales on various Pages and Positions

Exhibit your discount offers on home and other store pages to maximize its outreach. Check or uncheck the following pages and positions to better manage the display of flash sales on your eCommerce website.

  • Top bar of all product pages
  • Footer of all product pages
  • Footer of the home page
  • Footer of all store pages (except home and product pages)
  • Hide on respective product/category pages
  • Banner after ‘Add to Cart’ button on the landing pages



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